new tree

HaHa . . . aren’t I the horticulturist? I’ve known it was coming since last week. A tree for the yard! All things garden related have been coming along very nicely, thank you. I never dreamed a tree would be part of the transformation, but . . . there it is.

I had been keeping my expectations low. I would have been happy with a twig to coddle for a couple of years. I had and still am considering joining the Arbor Day Foundation because I could get five crape myrtles included in the $10 membership. These are measured in inches of height and that was sorta kinda what I was imaging for this one.

I was prepared for the tree’s arrival making a bowl with the sod I’ve been removing from the lily bed. Then I dug down another couple of feet into the sand and filled it with real dirt so it would sit on a slight mound. It should have a goodly amount of room for the roots to spread out.

Hey . . . look an actual tree! It’s a little under four feet tall. That qualifies as a tree, right? I’m going with it. I have a tree!

chill space

The yellow and pink calla lilies are blooming beautifully. The white one at the far end of the front porch has 13 new sprouts beyond the two original plants and new ones poking their heads up daily. I’m not expecting any flowers this year, but it should be amazing next year. The shells and beach stones really compliment the driftwood edging. It’s going to make the mulching for winter harder, but I think it’s worth it. Of course, I may change my mind when I actually have to do it, but I’ve never been one to make things easy for myself.

Maybe I don’t have a black thumb after all. I mean, how could I? I have a tree!