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Yes, I have tons of things to finish . . . black door painting, white trim painting (inside and out), gardening, driftwood gathering, yada yada yada. I finished clearing the big lily bed bordering the front of the house earlier this week.  Yesterday was driftwood, rock and shell hauling. I figured I deserved a break today. I’ve had the perfect piece of driftwood for street numbers lying around for months, so . . .

It will hang on the fence by the gate out front as soon as the paint and glue has dried for a day. It may not exactly be art in the strictest sense, but now visitors can find the house without me walking out to the street.

I’ve started the first of my decorator signs too. I’m using the same process as the bedroom furniture. This one is for the bedroom and will say . . . maybe I’ll just post a pic when it’s done. So, I best get back to my “break.” I want to finish the sign and re-pot a couple of plants before dinner. (Grin)

(To the sharp-eyed among you, yipe that is a work bench in my garage. The long, boring house sitting gig had to have a payoff for the torture I endured.)






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