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long hair


This seems to be the era of hair extensions. They are wildly popular. Everywhere you look you see women with them, even some men. Yeah, that kind of weirds me out, but can’t be judging. Some men have it tough these days, so whatever floats your boat dudes. I totally get it. I’ve had long hair most of my life and it always seemed it was never long enough or thick enough until recently. Anywho . . .


I went with my BFF to a salon as she is still on the “product train” and in need of some kind of wonder gel. I found my hair is happier and healthier since doing away with all that junk along with only washing it once a week.  Sometimes those internet articles are useful. I couldn’t have imagined NOT washing my hair every day, but it is the best thing I’ve done for my hair. That and giving up blow driers and irons . . . flat, curling, crimping, etc. Note to anyone that wants to try it . . . the first couple of weeks are disgusting! After that though, it’s easier not just on your hair but on your pocketbook as well.


So, back to my story . . . at this particular hair care emporium, I was told it makes you look old if your natural hair length has passed your rib cage. They called it “cat lady” hair. At the very same time I was being told I should drastically cut my hair, my friend was being given a pitch for extensions to make her hair appear thick and long like mine . . . the salon con literally used my hair as an example of how the fake hair would make her look younger and more hip.


What? So real hair makes you look like an old hag, but extensions make you look young and hip.  I should cut my hair and then what . . . pay for extensions? Do I have that right? My friend and I are about the same age and all we could do was look at each other and laugh once we talked about what had been said to each of us separately. Seriously, I’m outraged what people will say and do to make a buck. What a swindle! She didn’t extend and I didn’t chop.


I will agree to a little layering and trimming to keep my hair healthy. I did just that at a different salon the same day. I didn’t feel “safe” at the “chop your hair off” clip joint. I’m not cutting it significantly anytime soon either. It doesn’t have to be an unruly mop or “hag” hair . . . there are ponytails and braids and buns, clips and headbands and barrettes, and, and, and. I have been happier with my hair since disregarding all the advise and products pushed by the professionals. Less for me has turned out to be better. Then there’s always the chance, I suppose, I’ll look older.


Well, people . . . this hair bear don’t care!

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