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What a wonderful day it has been and it’s only half over! Some days are just like that.

My mum used to drive me crazy with her “hording.” Anytime I would try to get rid of something, she would cling to it saying, “You never know when you might need it.” I believe I must concede some truth to that. Now I’m not going to start saving every little thing like she did, but twice recently I have had need of things I had no legitimate reason to drag around the countryside like I have.

I have a great bedroom set that wouldn’t have been possible had I not “horded” a plethora of paint and stain from years of DIY projects. Today I finally used another item I’ve had no need of for something like 15 years, but somehow I still have it. “I’m sorry Mum for not getting it. I do now . . . to some degree. I miss you.”

Today, I made my very first ever composter. Yipe, old black thumb here is taking a shot at gardening. It was great fun . . . making the composter. I’ve been dragging a nasty old trash can around with me forever. It happens to have wheels making it ideal for repurposing. I got to use my cordless drill and put about a gazillion holes in the plastic can. I always enjoy using power tools. Go figure. I filled it with some paper waste, the bones of my long dead jasmine, the sod removed for planting the new lilies and the science experiments from my fridge. Finally, I secured the lid with bungee cords. Now all I have to do is roll it around on the ground once a week and it is claimed the resulting product will nourish my flowers for years to come. We’ll see.



I was so excited with the composter that I cleared a good portion of turf from the designated garden area. More fonder for the composter. I can’t wait to have some nice compost to add to the soil! I know . . . patience.


Seriously . . . what a wild life I live! That was not the end of the day’s wonders though. I finished the final touch up on the master suite’s black doors. Man, these doors are taking forever. I probably should have primed them first, but it would take one coat of primer and two coats of enamel equally the same number of total coats of paint anyway. The Zen room is up next.

And last, but soooooooo not least . . .

blog lilies

My first lilies! AND there are nine more buds to bloom. I can hardly wait. All the plants are adapting well to their new home and several have buds, so this summer will be the prettiest my yard has been since I got here. It is most encouraging.

It’s going to be a bright, bright sun-shiny day.

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