“I need a place where I can shout and weep. I have to be a Spanish savage at some time of the day. I record here the hysteria life causes in me. The overflow of an undisciplined extravagance. To hell with taste and art, with all contractions and polishings. Here I shout, I dance, I weep, I gnash my teeth, I go mad —all by myself, in bad English, in chaos. It will keep me sane . . .” – Anais Nin

2018 Amendment- I never intend this to be a political platform. It is not political motivation compelling me, but a need to speak out against an evil and wrong I cannot ignore. It looks like there is going to be more than a little shouting and weeping here in protest of what is being done to and in a country I love. I can’t ignore the hysteria this causes in me. I truly hope this will pass quickly. Until then, I encourage all to raise their voices and do what is within their means to end this nightmare. Its the heart and soul of a nation at stake.