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TaDa! The new statement piece for the bedroom is done and hung. I don’t often (read ever) write about my wonderful life partner . . . privacy and all that. It doesn’t mean I don’t total love and completely adore my better half; ergo, this is the plaque I just finished and hung over our bed.

Making it was totally fun, so I can’t wait to get to work on the additional 15 feet of decorator signs I can make now. All I have to do is decide what I want them to say. Obviously, the fewer letters, the better. It’s not hard, but labor-intensive, delicate work.

I also have the driftwood “fairy gardens” to get working on. I will have to put out a little cash for those. I need air plants and buying them is the only way I have of getting them. I’ve gathered half a dozen pieces of driftwood that should work out perfectly for those.

I had thought to sell some of the driftwood and plague projects, but I’m thinking maybe I’ll giving them as gifts instead. I’d never get the cost of my labor out of them. Then again, I do it because I enjoy it, so maybe a couple will go to one of the local tourist traps to buy more supplies.

Well, my baby is off to a “Dead” retrospective with an old friend from ‘Frisco. I’m more of a punk and metal fan myself, so I’m sitting this one out. It gives me the whole weekend to play at my work bench and perhaps paint my toes pink.



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