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Tomorrow I head out for my house/cat sitting gig and I’m going to miss this. It couldn’t be a more beautiful day. So amazing, I’ll be leaving without finishing my door painting project. Some days are simply made for beach walking and sky watching. There’s just no fighting it. No worries, my next gig is garden watering for a neighbor.

Beach time . . . things happen when they happen..



I wish I was a better photog or maybe had a real camera, but here it is. It does actually look better in person. You get the idea though and I absolutely love the way the room has turned out.


I’ve been done with the painting and installation for a bit now. I was just waiting on the net to finish up. I still have a couple of sand dollars and shells to add, but I’m currently deciding how to secure them.


Well . . . I promised a pic when I was done and there it is.



Yes, this is my cottage by the sea . . . my forever home. It is brand new by my standards. Built in 2005, it is over one HUNDRED years newer than my first abode. I have always had a thing for old houses. My first home was erected before area records started being kept in 1895. The second and fourth dated 1910 and 1918 respectively. The third and newest before this one was a “war box” built in 1942 in support of personnel at a WWII shipyard and naval base. I have owned houses from three different centuries.

This has been an eye-opening experience for me. I steadfastly claimed the older the house the greater the charm and that is still mostly true. The turn of the 20th century had a different sensibility and lifestyle. Developers in the second half of that century would take a floor plan and flip in back and forth for an entire track of houses. I grew up in a house like that. It was a nice house, but there was nothing unique about it. I never wanted to have my house be the same as ten others on the block.

My cottage would have held no appeal to me had it been in such an environment. It isn’t though. There are only four of this floor plan built on the entire peninsula and they are spread out. There is also the fact the first 25 houses weren’t built until 1960. Any residence I bought here would have been the newest I’d have owned.

My house is the epitome of a modern house . . . two bathrooms, master suite, open floor plan and . . . wait for it . . . attached garage. I’ve had garages before but never one that was attached. When I was looking to purchase a home here, I knew I wanted a garage. It was part of my “must have” list. I knew what the coastal clime would do over time to any vehicle left outside and I have no intention of replacing my car or truck. I love them.

I was correct in everything made of metal left out for more than a couple of month turns to rust. My cast iron flying pig (that’s right, I have a flying pig) had survived ten years outdoors and a fire that melted a small Chevy. It started corroding within a month of arriving and I expect it will someday be nothing more than a rust-colored stain on the deck.

Sorry, I digress. I have come to love the attached garage over all the other modern features which these days I also wholly appreciate. The garage, now cleared of moving debris, is my haven. It’s my spare closet, workout room, pantry, laundry, storage area and project space. I even have plans to set up a café table and bar stools as my “writer’s corner.” All of this and both vehicles can be parked inside except when I’m undertaking a large project.

Best of all . . . it is attached to the house! It is only a door away. I can unpack groceries without traversing wind, rain or dark of night. I can pop in and out to pot a plant or workout. It expands my normal living space significantly and I never imagined how great it would be. Sometimes I just go out to stare at its wonderfulness and smile. I’m a simple girl.

Viva La Garage!


No, I am not really going missing . . . again. I just have a BIG, new project. I never know the how, but I do frequently see the why. So . . . I don’t watch the home improvement shows anymore. Sure, I once did, but they didn’t have anything new or unique I was interested in trying after a while. I don’t know how it was one of them showed up on my TV and I actually watched it. Most of it was of little interest to me. One thing did catch my imagination though.

It seems for the past decade (probably more), there are people that have been painting their interior doors black. Yes, black. I may have heard of it before, but it wouldn’t have worked in my prior houses and I could have just blown it off.  My beach house, however, seems to have been designed for this decorating idea. I even have all black kitchen appliances.

I have started as you can see from the above pic. I don’t know how this idea came to my attention, but I do know why . . . It looks freaking awesome! I even pulled out the faux stained-glass window film graphic I had laying around and put it on the kitchen door. It may not be as good as the real thing, but it allowed me to dump the white mini-blind I had on the door.

I have a lot of doors and they will all need two coats of paint. I decided to repaint the white trim in a glossy paint like the black as well. Like I said, “BIG, new project.” I have a housesitting gig at the end of the month, so I best be getting back to work.

. . . I see a “white” door and I want it painted black . . .


Boy, has it been busy around here. Spring Fever . . . that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. It has nothing to do with my lust for a workbench.

My first excuse for not getting all my boxes in the garage unpacked and distributed was all the outdoor equipment and garden tools were in the way. I always have good excuses for my procrastination (NOT). It was obvious a yard shed was necessary before I could continue.

This was early on in my move, so after much research and perusing, a shed was ordered. You know the type. An “easy” to assemble plastic deal with a reasonable price tag. The “assemble” part was definitely more challenging than advertised, but it got done and said shed was soon packed to the rafters . . . well, to the corrugated plastic roof anyway.

There was definitely more room in the garage at that point. I slowly, very slowly, started working on the garage again . . . too slowly . . . like a year’s worth of slowly. Beach walking and sky watching takes time and is imperative for the restoration of one’s soul. I didn’t get done or even close before a big wind storm blew the shed apart and I mean to smithereens. I now had a great new excuse for not finishing the garage as everything in the shed was back in the garage only much less organized than before.

Much debate and a few replacement parts later, the shed has been re-erected with significant reinforcement. I am now out of great excuses. The garage cleanup had also gained a greater urgency. With my new projects, the space has become valued for more than just storage and car parking. It is my workshop albeit sans workbench.

I’ve been busting my hump unpacking, rearranging and reorganizing. A good deal of beach walking and sky watching has been sacrificed sadly. I should be done shortly. The big shelving unit (that came with the house . . . mostly complete) is loaded up with tools and household supplies and repacked boxes of things I just can’t get rid of. I’ve got the portable closet setup and have been moving less frequently worn clothes into it as well as stowing shoes. I have my mini-gym situated on the other side of the window (another excuse eliminated, if you catch my drift).

I have only one issue. The giant pile of boxes will go out in the recycle over the next couple of trash pickups. I should get the couple of boxes of donations down to the senior center during that time. This is going to leave me with a workbench-size hole right in front of the window. Imagine the coincidence of that. Whatever can I do? Seriously, it can’t be left like that.

Now, it’s not like I don’t really need a workbench. I need a better place to work on my houseplants. It really is too messy to keep doing in the kitchen. Besides, who wants dirt all over the place food is prepared. Yuck! There is also my new project resulting from having gotten three too many boards for my headboard. It would be much better to undertake this venture somewhere other than my kitchen peninsula. I can’t use the ladders like I did for the headboard planks. What can I possibly do?

I really want . . . I mean, need a workbench. Are you convinced? Which one do you like better?



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