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bikini painter

I am infinitely amazed at the wear and tear living so close to the ocean has on . . . well, everything. When I first moved into the house all the outside metal electrical fixtures had to be replaced with vinyl ones. The decks had to be stained. It turns out the decks need to be stained every year. The railings held up better but still need re-staining after just two years. The garage door needs to be sanded and painted since it is starting to rust in spots. The biggest job for this summer far and away is going to be painting the exterior trim. Thank goodness the siding is cement board and weathers better than the wood trim.

So, as soon as all the eves are pressure washed, it’s up the ladder I must go. I don’t care much for ladders but I can’t afford to pay someone to do the painting. I’m also pretty sure I’m going to have to invest in a much taller ladder to reach the highest roof peaks. I’ve considered laying on the roof and hanging over to paint those fascia boards but I’m just not sure how safe that would be. I’m not sure, for that matter, how safe I will be on a really freaking tall ladder. I am not the most graceful person on the planet.

I’m guessing I will have to get over the ladder thing. I figure I have about a month to psych myself up for the task. It’s that or win the lottery so I can pay someone else to risk life and limb. If you want to live in a “cottage by the sea,” there is a price to be paid. Like the saying goes . . . “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” The cost of this lunch, it seems, is going to be me with a death-grip on a ladder hoping like crazy I can pull this off.

Oh to be the cheeky little redhead in the picture. Sigh.


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