blowing dune grass.jpg

When the ocean quiets and the wind rustles gently through the dune grass, it whispers a promise of tranquility, sanctuary. Silence your body and mind or it will waft away leaving you oblivious. An offering oft sought but infrequently gifted. Not because it isn’t proffered, rather a fault of perception.

Sometimes you need to be still or the fragile moments will pass leaving you in an echo chamber of your own preoccupations. Pursue your dreams but never so blindly as to race past what you seek. Seldom is the prize found by bashing about or demanding what is supposed as due.

Consider that bestowed freely could be of greater value than that which must be wrestled from life. Those that shout and flail are rarely content with the subtle wonders all around them. There is wisdom in the old adage . . . “Stop and smell the flowers.”

In other words . . . Shut up for a minute and listen. Stop for a second and see what is in front of you. You might just have half a chance of finding what you’re looking for! Or maybe you might instead find what you need.