There she sat, the Milk Toast Princess with Friend Computer snuggled in her lap wrapped in soft, silky furs.  Back and cozy after a long separation, she caressed the computer keys cooing reassuringly.  Another friend of fate’s whimsy had had such a greater need. Tangerine Green Eyes was tired and weary.  Life had weighed her down.  Friend Computer had introduced Tangerine and the princess.  The two fell in love . . . the sincere and heart-felt love of two alike and different.  Often in their commiserations they would trade rolls.  Comforter then comforted, prodder then prodded, goading one another on to reach for the brass ring; to pursue joy; to express their passion; to be wholly themselves . . . uncensored.  


Although they had never met, Tangerine needed a safe place to heal.   The princess had only just had the Prince of Her Heart take up residence in her castle.  No matter how much the princess loved her prince and though some advised her against it, the princess had the perfect place for Tangerine’s needs, so the princess called Tangerine to come and live with her and her prince.


Brave, little Tangerine made the treacherous journey north to the kingdom of Milk Toast before the winter cold set in.  When the tired traveler arrived, even though they had never met in person before, the two immediately threw their arms around each other bursting into laughter and tears, their bond sealed.  Forever their connection was to be.


Tangerine was so much better now and ready to return to the world and her life.  Her time in Milk Toast brought the curing of a magical place and the loving of true friends.  Green eyes snapping, little T set out on her own adventure, a trip into winter.  Still she did go a bit less inhibited and a lot less restrained.  More herself and ready for an adventure.


The Princess of Milk Toast curled up with Friend Computer, smiling, her charge returning to the world and the princess waiting for the return of her knight in dented armor her worldly warrior . . . but that’s another story.