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I have found a marvelous new drink . . . white chocolate white coffee!  Yum, yum, yummy.  I never have liked coffee, but this is a wonderful nutty tasting drink with tons of caffeine.  Ah yes, caffeine and nicotine, my favorite vices.  I can now appreciate and participate in the ritual of a cup of joe and a smoke while pounding madly on the keys of my laptop.  Massive good fun it is too.


So here I sit cigarette smoke wafting up out of the ashtray, Big Foot Java cup in hand, slugging back the liquid stimulation, toking and banging away at my computer in some fabulously altered state.


God bless coffee and cigarettes.



The sky is an indigo blue blanket decorated with a million jewel-like stars.  It wraps our spent, naked bodies in perfect solitude and serenity.  The sound of water gently slapping against the bulkhead, the only intrusion into our romantic repose.  I feel the slow, even breath of you, the warmth of your skin where it touches mine, your eyes holding me as much as your arms.  Suspended in time and space, we are all there is in the universe.  Nothing else exists in the aftermath of our passion.


Mystic nights

Rainbow eyes
Transparent wings
On the rise

Misty morning
Ethereal hair
Cherry flaxen
Beautifully fair

Amethyst jeweled
Pixie faced
Faeries dancing
In this place

Quiet or they scare away
Gentle and maybe they’ll stay

Okay, “happy” is not the operative word here and the year is fast progressing so its not so new anymore, but what-the-hell . . . Happy New Year.


I’m keeping the resolutions to a manageable minimum this year.  No wishing for world peace, just a little peace for my baby and me.  Divorce is such a messy thing.  Its my opinion that marriage should be hard to get into and superbly easy to get out of.  I like the idea of facing east and thrice saying “I divorce thee.”  Genius!


Not going to try to end world hunger, just hoping to keep the roof over our heads and food on our table.  All right, I include in the “roof-over-our-heads” things like satellite TV, wireless internet connection, unlimited cell plan . . . you know the necessities of life.  Hey, its an electronic world.


Speaking of electronic . . . I’m trying to quit smoking again.  No, I’m not going to use shock therapy.  I bought an electronic cigarette.  What will they think of next?  It’s a clever little play cigarette complete with glowing tip, measured nicotine delivery, and – oh my f’in God – smoke (actually, its water vapor) to exhale.  I believe it should meet all my physiological and physical requirements while I wean off the nicotine addiction.  Yeah, you can laugh, but if it works . . .


So, in conjunction with what is beginning to look like my annual holiday mental and emotional breakdown, I ring in the new year with the threats of domestic conflict, economic failure, and horror of horrors, looking like a silly twit running around with a fake cigarette.


Still, 2009 is starting off not that bad.  I have the two people I love most in my everyday life . . . a man I love and believe will stand with me in these tough times and the soul sister I would jump off a cliff with just because she had to and shouldn’t have to do it alone.  I love them both without judgment or restraint.  I know they are not perfect.  Yet they are perfect to me.  These two made 2008 one of the best years of my life and I hope to share our lives, loves, lusts, luck and even the lows for many years to come.  So . . .


Happy New Year


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