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The sun lit sky a magnificent, sensual blue, shines down on our intertwined bodies and hearts warming.  Gently waves do rock the deck as we wrap ourselves around one another, closer.  The clouds float over us and the breeze cools the heat of our ardor as we spill apart.  You run a single finger softly down my chest twixt ripe breasts, nipples hard with flesh on fire.  Your touch continues past the grace note of my belly button to disappear between my tights.  A small moan escapes my lips as you toy with passion and excite me.  My hand seeks you out and pulls you into me.  We join in ecstasy once more.

Once some lines are crossed

You can never turn back

United no more


Once tempers explode

Most cannot recover

Wounded beyond cure


Once hurt and cold

Her face turns from harm

A fragile mistress


Delicate creature

Like a wild animal caged

Gone at first chance

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