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Darkness only
In light

Black and obscure
The night

Shadows cover
My fight

Mostly hidden
From sight

As my fancy
Takes flight

Help me finding
What’s right

Evading such as
I might

Live a better
Type life

Hearts once embraced
Forever entwined

Love everlasting
Reckoning time

Is what I feel real?
Will it be here tomorrow?

Is what I feel real
Or am I headed for sorrow?

Once uttered in hate
Words only past due

Some lines once crossed
You can never go back

Is how I act real?
Will I be this tomorrow?

Is how I act real
Or does it lead only to sorrow?

Sit and do nothing
No kind of option

Jumping like beans

Is what I say real?
Will I still say it tomorrow?

Is what I say real
Or is it the cause of my sorrow?

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