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I know I’m always talking about all the great bloggers I know.  I’m going to do it again.  I have no remorse, because this is too good not to share.  I know an incredible artist . . . Bob T. Panda.  No lie.  I know a panda. 

Please don’t even act like you are surprised.  Who else do you think I hang out with?  Okay . . . besides a Vampire King (no explanation required), Birdie (who tried to poison her entire family), Lorre (crazy chick in danger of being incarcerated for the things she does with Barbie dolls), John (the only guy I know that would invite Sarah Palin and Charlie Sheen over for KFC on New Year’s Eve) and you, of course. 

Really, pandas are amazing people and everyone should know one or two or a whole kindergarten of them.  Well, friend Panda is having a contest over at The Panda Chronicles.  This is truly a must not miss event.  You can get your own personal Babette Panda and a rundown on the instructions here.

Seriously, those of you that visit here are some of the most creative people I’ve had the pleasure to meet.  I can’t wait to see what you will do with this one.  It should be quite the event.  I’d love to see what you all can come up with.

I’ve be back tomorrow or the next day with a regular post.  Really.

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