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Wind caught


Stray curls


Gray clouds



The world

Moon lit

Calls me

Dark places


Long, slow drags

One more


Burns night

Red glows bright


First sunlight

First fading

My darkness

Slow exit

Soul’s weeping


Heart’s yearning

Twist desire

Hold to me

My evil

Life retreated


Letting go

True passion

Now fated

Reach out

Dark faces


I feel you


Destiny due


I feel you


Forever with you

Sometimes the only option is to surrender to my demon lover . . .


Strange safety in that dark embrace

So intimate his arms surrounding

His wicked touch does run though me


Sometimes the only reason is to lay with the coming night . . .


Soft, sweet his whispers all I hear now

To yield the only answer left me

My fragile soul does grant surrender


Sometimes the only justification is my lunatic desire . . .



Feeling for the road now

Yearning, yearning

Feeling on the rise

Burning, burning


Never such a feeling

Dreaming, dreaming

Never such a cry

Screaming, screaming


Road calls to me now

Non-stop, can’t stop

Road calls to me now

Can’t stop, won’t stop



Never such a yearning, burning

Never such a dreaming, screaming

Never such a cry, staying such a lie


Feeling for the road now

Yearning, yearning

Rubber meets road now

Turning, turning


Road calls to me now

Non-stop, can’t stop

Road calls to me now

Can’t stop, won’t stop

Yeah, yeah


Yes, Virginia . . . faeries are real.

And some of them do wear boots, Ozzy!


Picked up a nifty, little fridge magnet.  I hate it when people cover their fridge with magnets, but this is a small one and all alone.  Its about an inch, round, white button and not so much to look at, still what it says . . .


“Never apologize for your art!”


Got it in an artsy, little town in Oregon, that and a ring for my lover.  He’d been looking for so long . . . banded, Celtic knots wide enough for a man.  Now he wears it everyday.


Nope, he doesn’t have a job yet.

Nope, I don’t think he’s looking.

Nope, I have no idea what to do about it.

All I know is that I love him and want him . . . period.


I’m beginning to think we don’t pick the people we love deeply.

Fate, karma, repeating lives, destiny, dumb luck, what-the-fuck.


There was another man

A while back

Found a picture on the Internet

No, not mine . . .

Okay, that too

Picture was a simple

Lined, journal-type page

Hand-lettering declaring


“Art is what you can get away with.”


So here’s my art.


Random thoughts

As they run through

My mind


Random fears

As they chill

My heart


Random lust

As it warms

My loins


Random loves

As they destroy

My life


Random ideas

As they save

My soul


No apology . . . define “get away with.”  LOL.


Met a talented and nice lady

Southern Oregon is a pretty cool place

Neat towns and people

My bestest friend lives there

I think I’d like to live in SoOre


I’d go tomorrow

Got my ball and chain though

Great American Dream


Nothing more than another trap

A different kind of nightmare


Can’t go, must wait.

I hate waiting

I want to go now!


Blue with white capsules

In the morning

Little white and yellow pills

In the evening


Trying not to feel



Trying not to feel



Trying not to feel



Trying not to feel



Trying not to feel



Is it prose? Is it poetry? Is it fiction?


“There’s only one person in the room.”


Do you hear me?


Go away

Leave me alone

Don’t you get it

I don’t want you


Go away

Stop reaching to me

Don’t you sense it

I don’t need you


Go away

Release the last tie

Don’t you feel it

I don’t love you


Good bye no more

Forgiveness past

Done behind me

Too long let go


I don’t hear you

Eyes averted

Heart with another

Just go, please go


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January 2023