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Hear the darkness call to me

Feel your aura’s glowing

Neither near nor far

Any difference made

Your touch

I’ll always know


Know your spirit reaches me

Feel our bond growing

Either far or near

No difference made

Our love

I’ll ever hold


Sly lover

You have my heart

Sweet, sly love

You from the start


Sly lover

The choice I make

Here’s my trust

Please don’t break it


Sometimes its time

Sometimes it may

Straight and simply be

Time to stay


Feeling your thoughts

Knowing your ways

There for you again

Time to stay


Think before

You run away

Maybe this time

Its time to stay


What is true love?

How does it play?

This one a good place

Time to stay


Think before

You run away

Maybe this time

Its time to stay


Just think

Time to stay








Although, as yet, unsuccessful

No fault be found in trying

Never to manipulate

Never insincere

Always honest

Always pure


Hope, most likely, will be shattered

Trust freely given, sadly broken

Respect, unearned, surely forsaken


Of the kind and generous spirit

Advantage will be taken

Yet no thing done in the seeking

Shall ever be regretted


Though beginning, vague and without substance

It grows sharper with each disappointment

Becoming more defined with each heartbreak

Through the hurt

Through the sorrow

Clearly now I see

My heart’s true desire


I seek a love . . . I can depend on

Not just today, tonight, tomorrow

Not just next week, next month, next season

Not just the next few years to come


I seek a love . . . To last the rest of my life


What do you shop for when you have no more space and little money?  That was my dilemma.  Times are tough and with a new “roommate,” I’m having to cutback.  I no longer have unlimited space, so . . .


After careful consideration . . . I have determined I must stop buying shoes or any other clothes for that matter.  Stop shopping?!!!!?  I don’t think so!  I just need to scale down.  NO, I’m not going to get rid of the things I have and YES I will wear them . . . all . . . eventually.


The solution was simple.  The answer was with me all the time.  It is wonderful!  The options are endless and it’s a cheap addiction that takes almost no space.  Oh my God!  I’ve found Nirvana.  Lo and behold, the angels sang out . . . PANTIES!


Have you any idea just how many different kinds of women’s underwear there are?  Lacy and silky, I even found a vintage velvet bra.  From bra and panty sets to G-strings, I love the colors, textures, designs.  A bag of jersey boxers are cheap and when combined with a strappy tee from the closet – “tah-dah” – you have great new PJs.  Need I mention the look is casual, cute, but sexy still.


There is nothing to make you feel more confident and “hot” than great lace panties.  It matters not they be a thong, bikini, boy-shorts.  Knowing your undies are beautiful, fun, sexy never fails to put a little bounce in your step.


They never cost much and the variety is endless.  Space isn’t an issue.  One drawer in my chest and they all fit with room to spare.  Recently, I felt the need, a little boost for my blue mood.  There they were just waiting for me and it was a BOGO 50% off (buy one get one 50% off).  For under 20 bucks, I got the sweetest deal. 


The first thing to catch my eye was the prettiest hot pink G-string.  The front was a sheer mesh with a scalloped top.  Along the top edge lovely black flowers embellished with silver embroidery are accented with three, little, black and silver bows at the corners of the front and the center in the back.  Fabulous!  My inner shopping whore was sated with the contrasting selection of an innocent white, lacey thong to take advantage of the BOGO. 


Merrily dancing out the door, my outstanding purchase clutched in a small bag with the store’s logo, I exited the mall.  Happy and fulfilled with my newest acquisition, I thought to myself that these should fit well in the drawer next to the Hello Kitty boy shorts.



Pic by SSLY

Pic by SSLY



Yes, Virginia . . . faeries are real.

And some of them do wear boots, Ozzy!


Picked up a nifty, little fridge magnet.  I hate it when people cover their fridge with magnets, but this is a small one and all alone.  Its about an inch, round, white button and not so much to look at, still what it says . . .


“Never apologize for your art!”


Got it in an artsy, little town in Oregon, that and a ring for my lover.  He’d been looking for so long . . . banded, Celtic knots wide enough for a man.  Now he wears it everyday.


Nope, he doesn’t have a job yet.

Nope, I don’t think he’s looking.

Nope, I have no idea what to do about it.

All I know is that I love him and want him . . . period.


I’m beginning to think we don’t pick the people we love deeply.

Fate, karma, repeating lives, destiny, dumb luck, what-the-fuck.


There was another man

A while back

Found a picture on the Internet

No, not mine . . .

Okay, that too

Picture was a simple

Lined, journal-type page

Hand-lettering declaring


“Art is what you can get away with.”


So here’s my art.


Random thoughts

As they run through

My mind


Random fears

As they chill

My heart


Random lust

As it warms

My loins


Random loves

As they destroy

My life


Random ideas

As they save

My soul


No apology . . . define “get away with.”  LOL.


Met a talented and nice lady

Southern Oregon is a pretty cool place

Neat towns and people

My bestest friend lives there

I think I’d like to live in SoOre


I’d go tomorrow

Got my ball and chain though

Great American Dream


Nothing more than another trap

A different kind of nightmare


Can’t go, must wait.

I hate waiting

I want to go now!


Blue with white capsules

In the morning

Little white and yellow pills

In the evening


Trying not to feel



Trying not to feel



Trying not to feel



Trying not to feel



Trying not to feel



Is it prose? Is it poetry? Is it fiction?


“There’s only one person in the room.”


Do you hear me?


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