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Abkhazian passenger train passing Psyrtskha stop
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The train has left the station
Oh yes, I got onboard
The route and destination
Both totally unknown

My choice made at a crossroad
We’ll see how smart it was
Head lost to heart the battle
Thus my path’s chosen

The train has left the station
Its course by fate destined
There’s really naught to do now
My part at present done

I do however wonder
No pretense I don’t care
Might I someday lament
Unseen strife and sorrow there

Still better some tomorrow
Some future time not past
Should I pause in fond reflection
Of a trip over too fast

My writing is the place I check my baggage and I rarely redeem a claim ticket.  Consequently, the fruits of my labors are usually questions, yearning, rebellion, melancholy.  I am looking for some kind of answers.  Oh, nothing so deep as the meaning of life or as sweeping as the truth of the illusion. 


I live on a smaller scale, worship in a smaller church.  A man once told me my church was too small.  What was there to say except that perhaps his god was too big.  My church is just the right size for me.  It was a group therapy session during one of my hospital stays and my attitude did not go over well.


Still, I’m only mildly pollymanic these days, so we’ll end this here and chuck the claim check immediately.



Random girl

With a

Random word


Random thoughts

As they run through

My mind


Random fears

As they chill

My heart


Random lust

As it warms

My loins


Random girl

In a

Random world


Random loves

As they destroy

My life


Random hopes

As they embrace

My spirit


Random ideas

As they save

My soul


Random girl

With a

Random word

In a

Random world


I watch

The blossomings

And the train wrecks


With equal


She was just a whack job

Listening to another whack job

Tell her she’s a whack job

And its okay to be a whack job. 


So they decided to spend

The rest of their whack job lives

Being whack jobs together.




Was it the other way around?


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June 2023