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Abkhazian passenger train passing Psyrtskha stop
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The train has left the station
Oh yes, I got onboard
The route and destination
Both totally unknown

My choice made at a crossroad
We’ll see how smart it was
Head lost to heart the battle
Thus my path’s chosen

The train has left the station
Its course by fate destined
There’s really naught to do now
My part at present done

I do however wonder
No pretense I don’t care
Might I someday lament
Unseen strife and sorrow there

Still better some tomorrow
Some future time not past
Should I pause in fond reflection
Of a trip over too fast

She was just a whack job

Listening to another whack job

Tell her she’s a whack job

And its okay to be a whack job. 


So they decided to spend

The rest of their whack job lives

Being whack jobs together.




Was it the other way around?


What do you shop for when you have no more space and little money?  That was my dilemma.  Times are tough and with a new “roommate,” I’m having to cutback.  I no longer have unlimited space, so . . .


After careful consideration . . . I have determined I must stop buying shoes or any other clothes for that matter.  Stop shopping?!!!!?  I don’t think so!  I just need to scale down.  NO, I’m not going to get rid of the things I have and YES I will wear them . . . all . . . eventually.


The solution was simple.  The answer was with me all the time.  It is wonderful!  The options are endless and it’s a cheap addiction that takes almost no space.  Oh my God!  I’ve found Nirvana.  Lo and behold, the angels sang out . . . PANTIES!


Have you any idea just how many different kinds of women’s underwear there are?  Lacy and silky, I even found a vintage velvet bra.  From bra and panty sets to G-strings, I love the colors, textures, designs.  A bag of jersey boxers are cheap and when combined with a strappy tee from the closet – “tah-dah” – you have great new PJs.  Need I mention the look is casual, cute, but sexy still.


There is nothing to make you feel more confident and “hot” than great lace panties.  It matters not they be a thong, bikini, boy-shorts.  Knowing your undies are beautiful, fun, sexy never fails to put a little bounce in your step.


They never cost much and the variety is endless.  Space isn’t an issue.  One drawer in my chest and they all fit with room to spare.  Recently, I felt the need, a little boost for my blue mood.  There they were just waiting for me and it was a BOGO 50% off (buy one get one 50% off).  For under 20 bucks, I got the sweetest deal. 


The first thing to catch my eye was the prettiest hot pink G-string.  The front was a sheer mesh with a scalloped top.  Along the top edge lovely black flowers embellished with silver embroidery are accented with three, little, black and silver bows at the corners of the front and the center in the back.  Fabulous!  My inner shopping whore was sated with the contrasting selection of an innocent white, lacey thong to take advantage of the BOGO. 


Merrily dancing out the door, my outstanding purchase clutched in a small bag with the store’s logo, I exited the mall.  Happy and fulfilled with my newest acquisition, I thought to myself that these should fit well in the drawer next to the Hello Kitty boy shorts.



Pic by SSLY

Pic by SSLY



Shoes, shoes everywhere

Tried to thin them out

But how can I toss

A thing I love

A thing that brings happiness

A thing that comforts me

A thing that feels so good


Boots, pumps, strappy sandals, sling-backs, espadrilles

Shoes to walk in.  Shoes to strut in. Shoes to run in.

Hell, there are even shoes to fuck in!

Flats and stilettos

Wedgies and platforms

Black, white, beige, blue, green

And, of course, red

Pink, gold, yellow and silver

All the colors of the rainbow


Vintage, brand new

Makes no difference

I want them

I love them

I must have them


Don’t know when

They will be worn

Don’t know why

They will be needed

Don’t know how

To live without them


I am a shoe slut!

Infamous Hooker Shoes

Infamous Hooker Shoes

Feeling for the road now

Yearning, yearning

Feeling on the rise

Burning, burning


Never such a feeling

Dreaming, dreaming

Never such a cry

Screaming, screaming


Road calls to me now

Non-stop, can’t stop

Road calls to me now

Can’t stop, won’t stop



Never such a yearning, burning

Never such a dreaming, screaming

Never such a cry, staying such a lie


Feeling for the road now

Yearning, yearning

Rubber meets road now

Turning, turning


Road calls to me now

Non-stop, can’t stop

Road calls to me now

Can’t stop, won’t stop

Yeah, yeah


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