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 Great!  Just what I need to make me feel better about my life and loves . . . a holiday devoted to the celebration of the one thing that most seems to elude me.  I could also do without all the sweets!  I think I’m gaining weight just by virtue of sitting in the same room as all the candy and cookies that have appeared here at the office.  Okay, a few may have fallen into my mouth and I was forced to swallow them to forestall choking to death.   What? 

So, that’s right, I have no plans for Valentine’s Day.  How could that be?  Its not like I don’t know plenty of men.  Its not like there are not a number of men that are in someway a part of my life.  Its not like I haven’t been out there trying to find someone to be with on days like today.  Still instead, I will be at home tonight pedaling away all those excess calories on my exercise bike.  For me, there will be no flowers, no box of candy, no special dinner, no arms to hold me. 

I must be fair to those few that have at least acknowledged my existence on this inimitable day.  Yesterday I got a lovely e-card from one special man.  Today there was an e-mail from another and a text message from yet another.  I guess I should be thankful that anyone even knows I exist today.  Of course, there is the one I will in no way hear from and that is a good thing.  I am trying to put him behind me.  God, how I am trying! 

I have decided to celebrate “V” day in a new fashion.  It may even become a tradition in my life, kind of like having the electric train under the Christmas tree or turkey dinner on Thanksgiving.  I believe “V” will stand for victory from now on.  I will celebrate the victories in my life.  I do have a good deal to celebrate in that case.  There are several amazing things happening in my life that mean much more than candy and flowers. 

I have only recently found this wonderful electronic world . . . this place that endorses me and grants me the opportunity to share what is dearest to me.  Here I am safe to be all the zealous things I have inside me.  Here I am free to say all the passionate things I hear in my head.  Here I am safe to express my feelings without reserve.  Here I have also connected to real people that are proving to be perhaps some of the best I will ever know and love.  They along with a few special others are perhaps the biggest victories in my life.  So . . .  

Thank you to my new blog friends, those that support me and my attempts to articulate something meaningful here.   

Thank you to my dating friends, those that sometimes validate me, sometimes abandon me, but always add interest and inspiration to my life.   

Thank you to my e-mail buddies, those that make me smile almost everyday and put up with my whining, bragging, ranting, rambling and in general sorting out the thoughts in my mind.   

Thank you to a very special woman that may prove to be my salvation (she will know who she is).   

Thank you to my friends that have managed to put up with me through all the years of my insanity.   

Thank you, the people taking the time to read this and I hope relate in some way. 

Its these victories that keep me going day after day when sometimes I can’t see any big reason to go on.  Thank you all.

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December 2022