I have been honored to have received this award in the past, but that in no way lessens the thrill I got receiving it again.  I was lucky enough to have been given the award this time by :

Antigone’s Clamor

Kana’s Notebook

Evoking the Deep

I am passing it on to the following excellent blogs:

The Wild Pomegranate – Janece

Life in the Boomer Lane – Renee

Momma’s Money Matters – Ann

Nineteen Forty Eight – Doc

Nate’s Rambling – Nate

The Camel Life – Breezy K

The Art of Tea – Pepsoid

The last time I received this award it was from  Angel Land Canada and passed it on to:

. .a misplaced boy . .

Omphalos Cafe

Phil’s Lounge

Sargastic Irrevalence

Angry Rant

The Panda Chronicles

Barking in the Dark

Always Curtsy When You Sneeze

Lady with a Truck

Conditional Cognition

Nigel Windsor

The Creative Juicer

Never Contrary

Sheeple Liberator

Stay Abnormal

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