I received the 7×7 Link Award from Live, Nerd, Repeat.  Thank you!  I love the cartoons and commentary on this blog.  If you haven’t seen them yet, please take a minute and visit.

Here’s how this works: the awardee selects seven previous blog posts that represent certain categories: Most Beautiful, Most Helpful, Most Popular, Most Controversial, Most Surprisingly Successful, Most Underrated, Most Prideworthy, and then you pass the award along to seven new recipients.

I didn’t always write with the humor I do now, but I do have several years of proses and poetry.  Warning:  I’m no poet and some of the poems are pretty raw, so I have avoided poems with one exception.  Well, here we go.

Most Beautiful – My Amber Memories – This post is very personal and I almost didn’t select it for that very reason.  Still, at the end of the day, I think it is the most beautiful post on this blog.

Most Helpful – Just a Few Observations on Playing Nice in the Blogosphere – Judging from the response to this post and it having been “Freshly Pressed,” it could have been Most Helpful, Most Popular, Most Surprisingly Successful and Most Prideworthy, but I’m going to limit it to this category.

Most Popular – Shoe Slut – This is not one of my best endeavors.  It’s a poem . . . imagine that.  It was written on a whim, but through the years has more hits than anything else (excluding “Playing Nice”). Take this as a warning . . . by careful using words like “slut” in your titles.  Yes, those are my legs from back in the day when I was a runner.

Most Controversial – Infidelity – I don’t do controversy, but I’m pretty sure any post about infidelity qualifies.  I used to do a lot like this one.  I refer to them as the “she” posts.  They were always written in third person and from a woman’s point of view.

Most Surprisingly Successful – My Real Life Superhero Is Better Than Yours – I wrote this in the middle of the night after seeing an MSN feed on Phoenix Jones, the Guardian of Seattle.  I never imagined Mr. Jones and his wife, Purple Reign, would see it and post a link on his Facebook wall.  Can you imagine my shock at getting 1,500 hits that day?  I know there are blogs out there that get that kind of traffic all the time; but at MDR, it was monumental and a huge deal.  I figured it would be an all-time record.

Most Underrated – Truth of Life – I wrote this post for a friend suffering after a break-up.  I just wanted her to know she was never alone.

Most Prideworthy – MSR FullFills A Dream – Blogger Goes Global! – This was one of the most fun things I have ever done.  It is my first (and probably last) movie review and I don’t think it’s half bad.  It is also my first time being a guest blogger.  If you want to go straight to the post use this link . . . Guest Random Movie Review – Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.

So now all I have left to do is forward this award to seven blogs I think deserve it.  Here are the seven blogs I choose:

Articles of Absurdity – Lorre is hilarious and her posts never fail to make me laugh out loud.  This blog is dangerous to read while drinking your morning coffee.

Journals of Enreal – I have been reading Enreal’s proses and poetry for years.  I hope she participates as I would love to see her “most” list.  Her poetry is beautiful in a way most poets only dream of.

A Misplaced Boy – Joe has one of my favorite blogs and I’m sure he is going to shoot me for hitting him up with another award so soon.  I awarded him the Versatile Blogger Award in October and now I’m giving him this one too and it’s not just because he featured me as a Guest Blogger . . . really, it’s not.

Barking in the Dark – Tony is another of my blogger awardees (is that a word?) from October, but honestly I think his blog gets more clever with every post.  Political satire of the highest order is his specialty and I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next.

Mostly Bright Ideas – Charles has one of the most popular blogs I’ve ever seen, but still keeps it real.  He certainly doesn’t need any promotion from my little blog, but I love his humor and writing style.  I think anyone reading here will too.

Zendictive – Art writes the most incredible morality tales.  He does an amazing job keeping up two blogs (Fishin’ for Chuckles is his other blog) and never posts anything that’s less than top shelf.  He puts the Zen in my day and adds a laugh for good measure.

Life is a Bowl of Kibble – Birdie is one funny lady and I can’t wait for you to read her blog.  If you don’t have time to read anything else, be sure to check out “Buckle Up Buttercup Its Gona Get Ruff.”  I still laugh just thinking about it.

I hope you enjoy them all as much as I do.

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