I have been gifted several awards in the past couple of weeks.  Thank you all so very much.  I feel like Sally . . . “You like me, you really like me.”

I have enough awards to present  to blogs I feel are deserving of attention that I have decided do my own little awards show right here.

So without further ado . . . Miss Demure Restraint’s “It’s A Major Award” Show presents . . .


My winners of the 7 x 7 Link Award are . . . Click here


I would like to award the Cat’s Ass to . . . Click here



The Liebster is awarded to up-and-coming blogs, my selections in this category are . . . Click here


The Tell Me About Yourself Award . . . the envelope please . . . Click here


Stay tuned for seven things you didn’t know about Miss Demure Restraint right after the awards for . . .


The mother of all blog awards, the infamous VBA, goes to . . . Click here 


Now for the final entertainment portion of the show . . .


Seven things you don’t know about Miss Demure Restraint

  1. Miss Demure Restraint is the name of a dominatrix in the UK.  Now lick my boot, little slave baby, or I’m going to have to spank you.
  2. Miss Demure Restraint is a nickname given me by an e-mail pal from Edinburgh back in 2007 before the blog was started.  I had a bad habit of getting into trouble in those days.
  3. Miss Demure Restraint wears size 8 hooker boots and medium size catsuit.  What girl’s lingerie wardrobe would be complete without a catsuit or two?
  4. Miss Demure Restraint, the blog, had less than 8 hits a day during the month of September 2011.  “You’ve come a long way Baby!”  Thanks to all of you reading now.
  5. Miss Demure Restraint was started with two posts Letter To My Almost Perfect Lover and Uber Sexy.  Both were responses to men, one dated and one almost dated.
  6. Miss Demure Restraint has 267 posts, 268 when the post referencing this page goes up.  If you discount the two years I didn’t blog, that’s roughly two posts a week for two years.
  7. Miss Demure Restraint is one of the happiest bloggers on WordPress because of her wonderful blog friends and acquaintances.  I hope you will continue to visit often.

Well, that’s our show folks.  I hope you enjoyed the “It’s A Major Award” Show and will check out some of those receiving awards here today.