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As usual . . . sorry for the bad photos . . . I really need a camera or a new phone with a better camera. Still, you get the idea. I’m always wishing I had pictures of projects once they are long gone. I figure this is as good place as any to stash pics.

I put the first one over my bedroom door and have no idea what I’ll do with the other one or any of the rest for that matter. I have four more in the works . . . templates ready . . . boards cut, stained and ready to paint. I’ll be posting more pictures when I have a couple more done.

I’m so happy with these and the street numbers, I can’t wait to get to work on the driftwood fairy gardens. If they come out half a good as these projects, I’ll be thrilled. I guess I better find some money for the things I need, but can’t scavenge off the beach.

It’s so great to have an excuse to beach walk instead of paint doors. Yeah, yeah . . . I still have doors to paint black but the nice thing about being a beach bum is that I feel at liberty to do what I want when I want. The doors will get done . . . Hakuna Matata.

So sad. I’ve had my first fatality in the garden. It seems, although, calla lilies don’t experience a whole lot of problems, there is a deadly bacteria which causes a kind of rot at the base of the plant. It happens to be highly infections for all the lilies, iris and daffodils . . . basically, my whole garden. There is little you can do. You have to remove the infected plant AND surrounding soil. You can try washing the roots and replant in isolation, but mine was too far gone.  Everything was doing so well.

I almost cried! Now, there is a big hole where one of the yellow calla lilies was. Very, very sad. I’m hopeful the other yellow and the pink calla lilies are not infected. I’ll be checking them daily and will attempt the ‘wash and replant’ if any of the other plants show signs of the bacteria. I almost did it anyway, but wiser heads prevailed. Seems the infection gets a start in damaged parts of the plant. I’m pretty sure I could easily cause unintended damage if I tried it.

I’m also watching my tree very carefully. It is supposed to have its leaves turn red in the fall. Mine are turning red and it is only just July. None of the leaves have dropped, so I’m holding my breath. It’s possible that its point of origin was much warmer than here and the tree is just confused. It may simply think it is autumn. I’m not sure what that means long term, but I have my fingers crossed all will be well in the end.

There is one bright spot in my plant world. The orchid I got last year has bloomed again! This is a first for me. In the past, I’d water any orchid I was gifted long after the flowers died and nothing ever happened. I will take this as a good sign for my “green” endeavors.



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