The good news . . . yesterday a large patch of the “Lucifer” day lilies growing a couple of vacant lots from the house was discovered. The deer have been eating the flowers so they almost went unnoticed. They obviously needed to be saved, so a plan was made to relocate a portion of them to the “Lucifer” bed in my yard. If you look closely at the picture, you will see four groupings of these lilies. The shortest one in the front are my originals from the lily farm. The rest are the transplants. They fill the space up nicely, I think. If all goes according to the plan, there will be even more next year.

The bad news . . . yesterday, my “Lucifer” lilies were covered with bright red flowers. If you look at the picture, you will NOT see any flowers. You can probably guess . . . the local deer made a feast of MY lilies either late last night or very early this morning. Dang those deer. First the jasmine and now the “Lucifer.” I suppose I should be grateful it was only the flowers and the plants seem fine, just a premature deadheading of the flowers. (Did you notice I used the proper gardening term . . . deadheading?)

Some wire fencing and driftwood will, with any luck, act as a deterrent until a taller, more sturdy solution can be erected. I picked this spot for the “Lucifer” as I’m hoping it will grow up tall enough to disguise the bend in the fence rail . . . another gift from the deer. (No deer were harmed in the bashing of the fence, only the fence was damaged.)  You might have also noticed my ocean art (read: driftwood stump) has moved to a new spot further into the yard with the lawn chairs. Baby steps . . . the big plans for next year will be a fire ring and pond.

Another mystery has been solved as well. The new plants came from the same lot that had the daffodils that “walked” over to my place once their blooms died out. Now it turns out these were some strange daffodils. Rather than dying off like normal daffodils, they started putting up green shoots. Upon closer inspection . . . the mostly dead plants that made their way to my yard aren’t daffodils at all, they are “Lucifer” day lilies. I have no idea how to protect these plants from the deer as they are located next to the former jasmine. I’m working on it.

Two steps forward and one step back.  Still, I have high hopes for next year’s flowers and yard projects.