jetty beach


“Maybe get a blister on your little finger. Maybe get a blister on your thumb.”

As a result of my diligent efforts in the lily garden, I have a blister on my little finger. Ouch! I’m such a wimp. I’m putting the bed clearing on hold for it to heal. Besides, I have other chores to fill in and caught up with.

I had been planning a trip to the jetty to gather driftwood to frame the garden. It’s close enough to walk or cycle to, but the truck and assistance was necessary on this trip. I needed some fairly good size logs for the edging. I can’t pass up the smaller bits used in my projects either. I learned early on to always take a bag on beach walks and a pack on jetty trips. It’s a treasure trove. I’m always on the lookout for the root balls. Their uses are endless.

jetty hut2

The tourists were at work over the weekend building beach huts. There is always plenty of wood for them. Several were already falling down and fair game for driftwood pilfering. I never take apart standing forts, huts, and tepees. I know they wouldn’t last long, but I haven’t the heart to be the one to destroy someone else’s hard work. Some of them are quite impressive. I found a couple of empty blue bottles in one, but left them in the hopes someday they might be morphed into sea glass.


It was a great day and productive excursion. I got all the driftwood I needed and generally had a good time. Life just doesn’t get better than this.