She is still
Part of an “us”
Together  “we”
Half of their whole

She does feel
A love that’s true
Eternal bliss
To have and hold

He has turned
Away from her
Split them apart
Now only him

He has removed
Her from his life
She has become
Just one of them

One of them
He’s set aside

One of them
From which he hides

One of them
Ghosts from his past

Just one of them
Not meant to last

She holds to hope
Some day he’ll come
Back to her arms
Dreams to fulfill

She does wait
Giving him time
To wish again
Life to rebuild

He doesn’t know
Nor will he see
Any single place
For him not grim

He’s moving on
Left her behind
Like all before
Just one of them

One of them
Her fate has come

One of them
With hearts turned numb

One of them
Left to perish

Just one of them
No longer cherished