Once she had a closet just for shoes, until the shoes overrun their designated area and made significant inroads into other closets as well as the portable one in the basement.  Enter the man of her dreams . . . okay, the real-life, flesh and bone, fallible, fragile, fabulous man she loved unconditionally.  So she made the great sacrifice for love . . . She vacated two whole closets!  It took her weeks to donate, throw out, reorganize, and rearrange.  Finally, she squeezed down to the remaining closets.  This man actually needed two closets plus for his stuff.


She was sharing her space for the first time in almost fifteen years.  She had bought the house because it had closets, closets and more closets.  It was fine when she was all alone.  It was fine when the men in her life could pack all their possessions in a couple of duffels and move on.  Suddenly she was involved . . . actually living with . . . a man that had more stuff than she did.  She was shocked by the sheer volume of stuff he had.  She had never known a man with so much stuff.  There was his wardrobe and shoes, boots and coats, furniture and decorator items, hunting gear and fishing gear, swords and shields, musical instruments and accessories, memorabilia and photo albums, computers and televisions, boats and truck, lamps and rugs, pots and pans, blankets and towels, most everything one could imagine and then some.


She gave him her basement and den, at least half the garage, the carport and pad next to the garage.  These were the easy things to give up.  She never used the basement and had long wanted to redecorate the den.  She had never envisioned a “fish on” room, but had to admit it turned out to be warm and inviting.  There was enough room left for her car in the driveway.  It was a challenge to make room for her workout equipment.  Still they managed.  They seemed to be settling in nicely.  Yet secretly she yearned for more closet space.


Things were good and things were fine until one day he uttered the words that shocked and awoke her inner Closet Nazi.  While trying to find space for her winter coats, he looked at her and in the most matter of fact way said . . . “You have way too much stuff.”