How do you know? 

You feel it

A hundred times

Each and every day 

He makes you laugh

He makes you cry

He touches you in ways

No one ever has or will. 

He makes you think 

He makes your heart sigh

He is what you miss 

He is what you desire 

He is what you yearn to hold 

He becomes so much more

Than all the others before 


How do you know? 

He shows it

In a hundred small ways

Every day 


He loves you

Twigs and spiders in your hair

Working in the yard 

He laughs

Brushing free

Tussled locks


He loves you

Fresh from the shower

Face scrubbed clean

His kisses say

You’re beautiful 


He loves you

When you’re sleeping

Drooling on the pillow

He smiles

Tucks covers

Snug and tight


He loves you

Even in anger 

He’ll bluster and blow

Still never lose sight

You’re his chosen


How do you know? 

You just know

From deep inside

You know

This is the one

You are meant

To be with

At least

For now


There is no shame

Living for the moment