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Fuck you, yes fuck you

I so fuckin’ hate haiku

So fuck you, haiku

If I open my mind
Would you peek inside
If I open my heart
Would you hold it safe
If I open my arms
Would you embrace me
If I open my soul
Would you not run away

Should you open your mind
I would treasure it whole
Should you open your heart
I would hold it near mine
Should you open your arms
I would madly race to them
Should you open your soul
I would love you forever

Sunlight fills my eyes
Warm glow it does embrace
Fleshly desire

Melting into brilliance
At one and all at once
Sinful desire

Though we struggle, do combat
Common is our traveled path
Shared desire

All else wistful reflection
Facets of something long done
Soul-felt desire

Gingerly you reference it
More gently still you speak
My heart’s desire

Jamming down the highway
Smoke and coffee close at hand

Tunes blasting on the radio
Wind screaming, windows down

Polarized sunglasses
Shade my blood-shot eyes

Bugs kamikaze my windshield
Coming over the last rise

Wiping round a convoy
Leaning hard into each turn

Hear siren’s wailing at me
Lord, for this I’ll surely burn

The speed invigorates me
Blood races in my veins

Blowing through a guard rail
For this end I was truly made

Touch my heart
Touch my hair
Wrap yourself around me
Passion felt for your embrace
Entice me

Free my spirit
Free my thoughts
Make yourself known to me
I’m fascinated with you
Intrigue me

Speak to my artist
Speak to my soul
Feel  yourself yield to me
Words meant to captivate you
Infatuate me

I see what you do
I know what I see
And still I find I tarry
Your sweet, soft prose
Have imprisoned my soul

Nothing left but to
Love me

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May 2009