The blank screen beckons to me

The empty page it calls

Begging me to cover it

Daring words unwove


I’ve serenity in my solitude

Still a darkness on my soul

I’m content within such shadows

Just how I would not know


The siren song sings to me

Tempting confusion and insight


Should I say the words

Expose and bare my soul

Should I willingly bleed

Messily upon the page


Muse stands and demands

To touch my reticent heart

The words appear before me

More revealing than I’d choose


The siren song sings to me

My muse pushes me forward


There is a toll to pay to travel here

Revealed secrets the coin of this realm

Those thoughts best buried deep within

This the payment of reciprocation


Nothing less than full disclosure

My muse for nothing else will stand

I hear the melody bid onto me

No lies or half truths permitted now


The siren song sings to me

Come bleed here on the page