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His eyes as black as night

They pierce me to the core


Still with his arms around me

I’m forever safe and warm.


His aura does embrace me

My heart he’ll ever hold


He’s the man I love and draw to me

He’s the one I’ve waited for


I don’t want you to see me

Not like this

Not strong

Not smart

Not witty

Not clever


I don’t want you to know this

Not like me

Not hard

Not fine

Not tempered

Not gracious


I don’t want you to love me

Not like this

Not real

Not true

Not forever

Not together


I don’t want you to feel this

Not like this

No hope

No trust

No remaining

Nothing gaining

Wrapped in darkness

My love brooding

Steal my heart

Still my mind


Wrapped in horror

My life slipping

Steal my hope

Steel my pride


Wake me on the morrow

Once I’ve passed this sorrow

Walk the straight and narrow

One whose soul is feral


Rip me apart

Not right from the start

Forever my part

Broken my heart


Wake me

Take me

Make me

Break me

Just don’t

Forsake me


Wrapped in madness

My spirit flagging

Steal my days

Still my kind


Wrapped in darkness

My soul’s waning

Steal my verve

Steel what I find


Just please don’t

Forsake me







Empty vessel


Fill me


Madness calling


Feel the need



Seek a truth

To be told


Break the die

Turn to dust


Trusted terms

Just words

Wrap around me


Past night

Echo blithe

Sadness calls me

Softly, slowly

My love comes


Deep within me

I feel him


Sweetly, slyly

He touches


In a way that

Only he does


Forever my heart holds

Him binding to me


Wherever my life goes

In karmic tuning


Softly, slowly

My heart breaks


Deep within me

I feel it


Sweetly, slyly

He leaves me


In a way that

Only he goes


Whatever I should know

What’s loving in me


Whenever its ended

In lifetimes’ learning


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