So you think, you are different

Your life’s quests of highest order

You cast about your angst and anguish

Waves that break upon storm-tossed shore

Flotsam of you, my artist, my love

Prize worthy living


So you feel, you are jaded

Karmic debt grown far too heavy

A mystic weighed, both wise and weary

Worldly shadow in enchantress’ light

Power to you, my mentor, my guide

Gift offered freely


So you fear, you are failure

Nothing left so why pursue it

Merely human, ingenious thirst unsated

Unforgiven at redemption’s door

Embracing you, my essence, my muse

Acceptance complete


We are none of us unworthy.

There is none so lost as can’t find a way.


My hand will always be out reaching

My mind, my heart are this open page