I know of one that uses the word compassion, but really doesn’t seem to know what it means. So . . .

Compassion – American Heritage Dictionary – Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.

Does a compassionate man send the following text messages?

“whenever u drive ur truck know, I had 9 women in it and one lives very close 2 u.”


“Guess how many hookers I had in your truck…”


“Can I help you find a nut house so u can b closer to your peers?”


“I guess ur dead baby is lucky 2 b dead. It is better off without you and your sickened rotten soul.”

Much of the rest are unprintable threats and attacks of a most intimate nature. I will not be approving the cruel, nasty comments he is now making on this blog. Yes, these are the words of a self-proclaimed compassionate man. Is it any wonder I would not want such a one in my life? If that makes me a hard-hearted bitch, then so be it.

With this post I close the door on what has been a devastation for me, but a valuable lesson. People are not what they necessarily present themselves as. Actions must always outweigh words in assessing what a person truly is. Con men often use their intuition and gift of gab to seduce, manipulate, steal from and destroy us. Rarely do the things they do backup their talk. I confess to having been a “mark.” Truly my shame is that I let myself be taken in by a handsome face and pretty prose. Never again.

Note to him: Please stop your harassment. The only thing still here is the property of EPS and they will be contacted as soon as they open Monday morning to make arrangements to either retrieve or dispose of it. There is nothing for you here. I’m onto your ruse, so just move on.