Eyes closed, she lays back, waiting.  Waiting for the moist reminder of their impassioned embrace to evaporate from her bare skin.  Waiting for the incredible euphoria of their love making to let loose her mind.  Waiting for his breathing to slow and turn to the gentle sounds of slumber.  She feels his warm, soft whisper on her neck, “I love you.”  Her only response the gentle curving of her lips in a soft smile.  She knows he is closer to sleeping than waking.  No reply required. 


This is the moment she most dearly cherishes.  Infused with the rapture of their own creating, she glows with the light he casts into her.  Gone the anxiety and doubts.  The darkness abated.  He has again touched her such that she would have never imagined.  He penetrates her more deeply than any man.  More complete their abandon with each merging.  He strips her of her inhibitions and liberates the wanton animal that lurks just under her final veneer.  He frees her and accepts her in that freedom. 


The last vestige of waking slips from him and she feels his essence drift away. It is for her as painful as the loss when he withdraws from her body.  She releases the tension she still holds with a silent sigh of contentment and lets the sense of peaceful completion conquer her remaining fears.  Quietly, she slips from his arms.  Looking down at this magnificent creature in her bed, she is assailed with unaccustomed emotions.  There is as always the overwhelming desire like a fire burning through her sensual core.  Still more each day there is the aching at her heart’s center, a strange tenderness allaying the years’ hardening.


She caringly raises the blanket to better cover the body she is coming to know as well as her own.  Just the sight of him ignites an instant of lust in her.  She could wake him.  He would never deny her.  Still, a look at his quiescent face and she lowers the blanket assurance the cool, morning air will not chill him.  She grasps her hands to her breasts to contain the wave of passion passing through her.  Eyes closed, she takes several calming breaths, then turns and leaves the room.