She never hears the jangle of the keys in the back lock or the slight squeak of the door as it opens slowly. It is either very late or very early depending on your particular point of view. She’ll have been dozing for several hours . . . essential if she is going to continue these rendezvous’ and keep the job she so desperately needs. The pattern has emerged. She rushes home after work and hurries through her chores and activities with an ardent ache for him growing deep inside her. Once she has done what needs doing – and if she is able to compel herself – she immerses her consciousness in fitful slumber for what hours she can before he comes again to take her . . . body and soul.

The first indication he has once more returned is usually the awareness of his naked, muscular body sliding under the sheet next to her, his strong arms wrapping round her, pulling her without resistance to him. No matter her waking state, his touch always evokes a passionate response in her . . . even his gentlest caress, like an electric shock straight to her erotic nucleus. The attraction to him so strong that the mere thought of him is enough to make her vibrate with desire, the sight of him to cause her breathe to caught and a damp warmth to spread out from her sexual nexus. Never has there been any other like him. Never has she yearned so deeply for another. Never has she allowed herself such vulnerability.

Time together all the more precious for the sacrifices made to find it . . . 3AM trysts . . . cherished hours spent in passion’s embrace. Terrible the pain she feels each time she must tear herself away from him, but necessary for her to continue the façade of a “normal” existence. Each morning quietly stealing away from her perfect lover, she forces herself back out into the world. One last time before leaving, she gazes on the flawless masculine form sleeping in her bed, the impression of her head and shoulder remaining on the pillow beside him. Truly he has become for her an obsession, an addiction, a necessity to being. For this man and this man only, there is nothing she will not do, nothing she will not give, nothing she will not be. For this man, the gift of herself is unconditional.