I’ve been tainted

And I’ve been a whore

I’m no idiot

But I could know more

I’ve done some shit

Even settled some scores

Still, nothing like this

No, not ever before


I made my wish

The universe I implored

Once I found him

He was all I asked for

Chemical attraction

That cannot be ignored

Like this with no other

No, not ever before


My heart locked up

Yet he opened the door

He reached into me

Touched my innermost core

No judgments made

Only myself he adores

As no other has done

No, not ever before


Wrapped in our light

Complete our rapport

Thoughts of others

Don’t exist anymore

Our essences joined

Sweet loving no chore

Like this hearts united

No, not ever before


My only desire

To be paramour

I’m fully open

My soul to explore

Held in his arms

My spirit’s restored 

Such love never gifted

No, not ever before