It would appear you have arrived in my heart, my soul, my mind, my life.  You are everything I ever found desirable in those I’ve known prior, still you are unlike any that has passed through my existence this time.  From the very first moment, it was easy and the fear was not there, not like in the past, not like with other man I have been with.  There is never any awkwardness with you, no shyness, no pretense, no apprehension.


I knew you before I met you.  Our spirits wrapped in each other so as to never be separate only separated.  I feel you inside me.  I think I always have.  I’ve been searching for you, sometimes discouraged, sometimes disheartened, sometimes desperate.  In spite of everything I believed I would find you . . . somehow . . . someway . . . someday and I did.  Now I have fallen into to your dragon green eyes and I am forever both lost and saved.


We flow together without any thought, spontaneous and sensuous.  There is no refusing the attraction to you.  We just happen.  I wonder if we have any control over it.  Destined, passion for us is instinctive, unflagging, unquenchable, and unstoppable.  Our bodies merging is just this reality’s manifestation of our entwined souls, the corporeal metaphor for our spiritual essence.


There is a danger though . . . the threat of being consumed by the fire of that very same passion.  When we immerse into each other, there is nothing shines so bright or so hot and, Baby, we burn!  The imperative of our magnetism defies resistance.  If we share a physical space, we will find vent for the inevitable eruption of lust and furor.  Yet despite all warnings, I crave the heat.  I bask in the warmth of your aura.  It nurtures me and sustains me.  In the radiance of our light I feel myself blossoming.


I enter into this relationship with full knowledge it may well be transient, but as with others for good or ill, there will be another moment, another reality as there have been countless occasions before between us.  I will embrace you and let you embrace me for however long we have together.  I will not harm this beautiful wonder that is our love with greed or expectation or manipulation.  I will treasure the sensation we share.  Wherever it takes us, I will hold to the perfection of our union for days . . . weeks . . . months . . . years . . . lifetimes.