I sent my deepest longing into the cosmic expanse, the vision of the soul I sought.  I cried out to him from the emptiness of my heart.  I wrote to him and of him in my prose and poetry.  I searched . . . I queried . . . I hoped . . . I dreamed . . . I ached . . . I despaired.


All life had molded me to a shape of a most unusual form.  I never connected fully with any man I was with.  The points of contact never enough to sustain me.  Never enough to have me forego the company of others.  Always I was looking to the next one, searching.  


I have been on a quest and as with any traveler, the journey changes me.  I have been wounded on my crusades.  I confess, I was losing hope of building any deep, meaningful relationship.  I was learning to be content with my random dalliances and coquetry.


I, though emotionally reserved and spiritually removed, can be physically responsive and uninhibited.  I did determine that corporal acquaintances were adequate to meet my needs.  Besides, fleeting encounters are so much safer, so less likely to break your heart.


Could it be that finally he has come to me?  Just at the time I had resolved myself to a solitary path, he touched the depth of me.  A man has reached to me in probably the only way this jaded heart could have ever responded to.  He embraced my soul, yes, my soul.