Okay, one of two things has happened, maybe both . . . I have lost my mind, or . . . the wish I sent out into the universe has been granted.  Who’d have thought?  Suddenly everything I have been consumed with finding is standing before me.  All I have to do is reach out and take it.


So, this being the place of all my confessions . . . the record of my life’s desires, anguish and joy . . . the evidence of the wish sent, it is only fitting the story be told here.  I write this so I will never forget any part of how I feel in this moment. I am overflowing with such a positive energy and I know its him.


Well, let’s just get the crazy part over first . . . I have fallen in love over the internet . . . the OMG, LMAO, TTYL, BRB, fucking internet!   That’s right folks, all the sap and syrup dripping from this website lately is over a man I have not yet met.  Still there is something poetic about it, me a writer falling in love at first write.


Its been long distance so far.  Yes, we most certainly are going to meet.  He’ll be here soon.  Could I be more insecure than at this moment?  Probably, check back later this week.  I am so sure its right though.  If this is not already the rip-your-heart-out-if-you-should-ever-lose-him kind of love, it will be shortly.


I have laid my emotional armor aside for this man.  We have bonded in a spiritual way.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s beautiful . . . eyes that I’m going to get lost in, a hot, rockin’ body, and yes for my friends out there . . . a mustache and goatee.  I’m going to have to rewrite part of that old post now that I have truly found the love of my life.  But I still have to ask, what’s with the mustaches?


I’ve decided to follow my heart and kick my rational mind to the curb.  Actually, even that won’t be necessary.  He has captured my mind as surely as my heart and soul.  I have no doubt we will have a physical connection.  So any earth tremors in the Pacific Northwest in the next couple of weeks will probably just be Jimmy rockin’ my world.


Head-over-heels, into the deep end, and totally out-of-control . . . just the way I like love!  So I have thrown caution to the wind and fallen in love.  Its love as sure as anything I have felt before and more.  Even though I am physically alone, I’m not lonely anymore.




Wish Reference . . . https://missdemurerestraint.wordpress.com/2008/02/01/anam-cara/


Mustache Reference . . .