Beware the charm of him

The dragon prince


In dragon light entrapped

Dragon magic spell once cast

In dragon fire engulfed

Dragon desire ever lasts


In dragon lust embraced

Dragon passion never fades

In dragon love unended

Beyond mere mortal days


Lost in the depth of him

The dragon prince


For this princess

No charmed contender

No shining knight

No elfin pretender


For this princess

A much darker twist

A sinister tryst

With a dragon prince


Forever bound to him

The dragon prince


Now my light you to entrap

My magic spell that I cast

Now my fire you to engulf

Burning desire to ever last


Now my lust you to embrace

My red passion that never fades

Now my love for you unending

You to be mine beyond all days.


My serpent calls to you my dragon prince

Take me, make me your dragon princess.