I opened my eyes on this dank, dreary morning not unlike each before it.  There had been a winter in my soul, a barren place in my spirit, an emptiness deep within.  Now perchance to again be touched by the essence of another.  One whose connection transcends lust to find the path within me to truly know me like no other.
There in my bed I felt the stirrings of the promise of spring.  You had reached to me and I did know your touch.  The radiance of your light shone into me, soft white illumination warming me.  Was it real?  If I close my eyes, I can feel it still.  Is that real?  More real to the truth of me than the mere physical touch of any other.
I sit and gaze into the overcast sky my thoughts that of laying in your arms, looking up into your eyes, and feeling you deep inside me merging body and spirit.  Perhaps I’ll write poetry to you today.  My golden light I cast out to you too. Sending my verve across the space between us hoping to bind you to me.
You did feel that tawny hue, my light returned to you.  Your promise to write for me too . . . your desire to have me inside you . . . your plea that I not leave, but stay.  I’ve sought you far too long to withdraw now.  Beware though I burn with so many passions.  Can you feed such a flame and not be consumed?
Infused with the light of your being, my aura should become as a shining prism.  The refraction of our union surely brightens all creation, our radiance more brilliant than that of any star.  I have long yearned to hold you to me.  My search not an easy one filled with much disappointment.  Now you, are you real?
So long I have waited . . . I’m done waiting.  I’m here calling to you in that place beyond the barriers.  I know you hear me because I sense your response within me.  Can it be, that you are he, the man with which I may become one?  Could we be joined in more than our bodies, our hearts, our souls?  Could you be he?