I am fortunate to have some kind and caring people that I have association with.  Many of them have extraordinary writing talent.  One such sent me an e-mail today and I want to share part of what he wrote . . .

Today’s thought, use as you wish.
God is love,
love is life.
Life is pain,
pain is revelation.
From the days we skinned our knees,
cut our fingers, broke our bones to the days we abused our bodies and broke our hearts, we have endured pain.

Of all the pain we’ve endured, it’s the disappointment in ourselves and the broken hearts we have and barely heal that hurt the most.
It seems our new job is to be the caretakers of our hearts and choices.  Is there any hope?   Yup, I believe there is. 
Without hope, what’s the point?
Revelation is hope,
hope is life.
Friends are unconditional,
true love is “JOY!”
Have a great day … Greg