I seem to be lost with all direction gone.  Once so clear, my path now obscured, hidden from my sight.  My need for it to be revealed once more.  The promise that was made. 

I seem to be confused by what it is I want.  Ever shifting, always vague these my heart’s elusive desires.  My longings, but insubstantial illusions.  Hard decisions to be made. 

I seem to be frustrated by getting nowhere.  Without any direction, destination, desire, I wonder aimless. My soul holds only fear, anger, menace.  My choice is still not made. 

I seem to be hurt always by those I care for.  My gift not what he wants.  My heart not what he needs.  My affection of no consequence or heed. Love that needs to be unmade. 

I seem to be lonely here in my desolation.  Dark corners ever cast in shadows my favorite places to hide. My drop into the well timely, unrestrained. My life which I have made.