This was written in thanks to Justice Mercy.  She changed my life with a single word.  She is my sister bookend. 
I sent my impassioned plea into the darkness never believing my cry would be heard.  I thought I was reaching out to him, the one that refuses me, the source of my suffering.  My solace to be garnered simply from the ardent articulation of words painting a picture of my anguish.  The only expectation I had for my heart’s expression to once more be burnt upon the flame of his indifference.  He has never allowed such allure to move him, still this exposition vital to mending my ill-treated heart and recovering my damaged self-worth. 
The hand that touched me back was unforeseen.  The voice that answered not one I could have anticipated.  Never would I have imagined the one that would be entangled by the distress I vented into the cosmos.  Never would I have thought anyone could reveal a course to rescue that which is now lost in me.  Never would I have expected another wounded so much more deeply to have such generosity of spirit to offer succor to me a stranger.  Never would I have predicted such gentle, warm compassion could be offered me for my own healing. 
No matter the mechanism that brought us together.  Together we are now.  It makes no difference that he will deem himself the link that joined us.  The indignity of his maltreatment was only a catalyst.  The real connection of two souls never met bonded through the words of my heart’s pain felt in the shadow of a scar he left on you.  Your first contact tentative, my reply cautious, still I felt your grace and empathy.  You felt my misery and seeking.  We overcame the fear of trusting and found a place to heal the hurts inside. 
We share much more than him.  Our lives ran parallel courses.  That we would somehow become part of one another’s verve was predestined.  There is no other answer . . . you, a piece of his past . . . me, a discarded bit of flotsam in his current voyage . . . we, something new outside his influence.  Now that I know you, I see it was our sameness that drew him to me.  Now that I know you, I can but hope to someday be as worthy and gracious as you.   You looked down the shelf past all the chapters of his life and you found me . . . we, sister bookends.