Miss Demure Restraint has got to take some time off for R&R.  Planning a couple of days away from friend, Computer.  So I thought I’d try something here. 
I know it takes a lot of time to read through a blog like this, I’ve been reading some fabulous ones myself.  (Hype to all my blog friends, see the Blogroll below.  Great stuff.)  Even after you read it, it develops a life of its own.  Readers make comments.  Sometimes, the comments compliment the piece.  Sometimes they are counterpoised.  Always they create a new vibe.  Mostly they are well written (I will post any comment that is not offensive).  Then there are the ones that are better than the original post.  I almost hate to admit it, but as Demure would say, “Credit where credit is due.” 
In addition to the reader comments, on occasion, I will dedicate something to someone.  I do it for many reasons, mostly because someone inspired me.   So, here are a couple of links to the older stuff on here.  These are some of my favorites for many reasons . . .
The first half of my first post – Dedicated to the man that inspired it and responded to by him in his inevitable style.  Then there came a twist.  I have to smile.   You never know when one word is going to change your life.
Letter to My Almost Perfect Lover
The second half of my first post – Also dedicated to the man that inspired it, but in a whole different way.  As in much that is here, the “HIM” of the piece is a compilation of many people.  The “jerk” represents  some of the guys you see on the internet dating services.  Certainly not all of them are jerks, but there are some out there.  There was one guy that was one of the terrific ones.  He used uber a lot in his profile essay back then.  He did also ask me why I thought I was “uber sexy.”  I was a bit of a smart ass and totally deserved it!  He also was kind enough to leave a reply.
 Uber Sexy 
I just love this one.  That’s why its here.  It’s also got a comment from a very special blog friend, zenuria. 
Philosophy on Love 
My company has arrived so that’s it.  If you care to, just scroll through and click on the annotation of the number of comments at the bottom of each post to go directly to the comment.
Have fun!