Could this one be the one?  Damn, the timing. I have only just closed the doors on all the unresolved issues in my life.  I made the conscience decision to put those men still holding tether to my heart behind me.  I guess the mantra worked.  That or I’ve just had enough of the touch-and-go relationships that were piling up in my life.  I have made the choice to invest my time in loftier pursuits than love.  Besides, how crazy an idea . . . finding the man of my dreams. 

Could this one be the one?  Still, the glass slipper never seems to fit me.  I have the corns to prove it.  The only kiss that ever woke me evolved into a waking nightmare that made me want to go back to sleep again.  I fear I may be developing warts from all frogs I’ve kissed lately.  The knight in shining armor has a joust and doesn’t have time for more than a quickie.  Always the fairy tale is a fabrication that comes unraveled at the slightest little tug on any of the threads. 

Could this one be the one?  I worked really hard to get my head in the right place to quit love.  And they say quitting smoking’s hard.  I confess, I may put forth a tough veneer, but it only covers the puddle of goo that is the romantic inside me.   So what else can I do, but put myself back out there and see.  I have no excuse for doing this again, except that little voice in my heart whispering in my ear, “This time will be different.  This time will be real.  It will happen this time.” 

Could this one be the one? I must wonder if I’m setting myself up again. “This one is special.”He looks way too good to be true.” “He’s all that I seem to be seeking in one to companion.” “We appear to share a commonality . . . movies, music, the ocean, chess(!), philosophies, lifestyle choices, humor, intellect.”  The skeptic inside rears her ugly head and looks me in the eye. She has all my past experiences backing her up. What do I have, save some small speck of hope. 

Could this one be the one?  Here we go again kids!  Fasten your seat belts.  Keep all your extremities inside the car.  I believe my heart may have just told my head, “Get in, shut up and hang on.  We are going for another ride.”  Its quite possible that I am totally, hopelessly, recklessly, and insanely committed to this ill-conceived trip . . . just another Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride of the heart.  But what choice do I have really.  Besides, how crazy an idea . . . finding the man of my dreams.