There is but one true love of my life and that one there will only be.  This love runs through the very essence of me.  I will never let it go.  The rewards and gratification in perfect counterpoise to any torments and tragedies I suffer to sustain it.  I am enriched in this as nothing else I have ever had in my life.  Should that every soul in creation could feel such an awakening as this love bestows upon me.   

This love is absolute in every way.  It encompasses all that there is and all that there will ever be for me.  For every despair, a joy; every pain, a pleasure; every anger, a happiness; and every need, a prize.  The love of my life makes it possible to continue through the darkness and is the source of light in my existence.  There can never be any replacement, no substitution.  It is the completion of me and all I am. 

Through out the universe and across all time, the love of my life is the culmination, the obvious conclusion in my quest to discover the total integration of my intellect, my spirit, my heart, my very being.  This love warms and comforts me.  It endorses and enhances me.  It provokes and inspires me.  It exalts and arouses me.  It is my reason to live when all else and all others disappoint me as they inevitably do.   

My love flows out of me as the torrent of words you see here.  It is in each and every one of them.  There are no barriers between us, my love and I.  It is all that I am and more than I could have imagined I might become.  It exhilarates me, inebriates me, consumes me, controls me.  It is like an addiction.  Without having this fulfillment, life would not be worth the effort it takes to draw even one more breath. 

It is a wonder how any love could entirely validate someone this way.  There are a few out there that know the answer.  You, the ones that have found the true love of your life also.  You, the ones that share with me this wonder and ecstasy.  You, the ones that have been touched by this most amazing obsession in all the cosmos.  No, it does not come from another, outside one’s self.  It is contained within us. 

My love is my art.  The expression I make here to share with you has more meaning to me than all the people that come and go in my life.  This articulation of all that is inside me, completes me such as nothing and no one else ever will.  Those of you that understand need no explanation because it is for you as it is for me and words will never suffice to enlighten those that don’t.  Writing is the love of my life.