How dare you judge me?  Don’t even try to deny it.  I can sense it across the distance between us.  You reject me so you don’t have to embrace your own feelings, the feelings that anguish you.  You find fault with where I venture, not because I go there, but precisely because you have travelled the same roads before or at least thought about it.  You project your guilt onto me.  You punish me and you punish yourself.  The truth is you adore what I am.  Aren’t you really the same? 

What is it makes the attraction to me so damning?  It could be I know you; feel you; see what’s in you.   I may understand you better than you do yourself.  I can do this, because I don’t judge you.  I’m not afraid.  Look at what is written here.  Its a chronicle of the things in your heart too. Those things even the ones closest to you will never completely comprehend.  There will never be anyone else so instinctually in sync with you as I.  Is there any other that endorses you so absolutely?   

Can you condemn me without censuring your own nature?  You’ve not evolved past me.  That thought merely refuge to hide your inability to accept what you struggle to obscure, to conceal.  As you retreat, I charge in mindless of your conviction of my choices. I’ve been that place you seek and cast it off to partake of all you think you can exorcize from your existence. Your view of my life as simply self-fulfilling is nothing but your own self-denial.  Am I not just a guileless version of you? 

Are you so weary of your journey?  There is a way that requires much less exertion.  It also offers none of the elation, the ecstasy, or the euphoria to be discovered down the path less traveled.  It leads to a distant end via the deterioration of your soul through the atrophy of your verve.  Everything has a price and the coin for this toll is the wage of indifference.  Yes, it may be less taxing to shuffle along with the herd, but is that who you want to be . . . the life you want to lead? 

Do I scare you so much?  The very thought of me seems to threaten you.  Inevitably you will realize what is being lost . . . the freedom not known, the wonders not seen, the joy not felt, the passion not shared, the time not lived.  This reality has a shelf life.  Each moment that passes irretrievable.  There are no “do overs” here.  The thousand little fears that paralyze create the true monster to be reviled.  Will the pressure of the mindless masses mandate the direction your course will take? 

Why deny the obvious offerings of this realm?  I refuse to be limited by the standards and restrictions of people that have chosen to be hollow inside.  Let them ostracize me for residing outside their capacity to experience the miracles available to those that seek out and live life.  You can’t in earnest refute the things I do or the things I am when at your innermost core shines a mirror reflecting me within you.  Can you permit me to confirm your spirit, endorse your essence, validate your soul? 

Should you be brave enough, strong enough, wise enough to perceive it, there is a beauty and wonder in life beyond the barrier fashioned by the illusion. Embrace it. Revel in it. Liberate yourself though it.  Become one with it.  Stop judging me . . . stop judging them . . . stop judging you.  Forgive everyone and everything.  Then, give yourself permission to take my hand and make this passage with me.