The beach – I miss the sun’s warmth on my face; the wet sand squishing between my toes; the way the water pulls at my body when a wave recedes; the ocean breeze in my hair; the ambiance and people on a boardwalk; the taste of salt on my lips; the sad, broken seashells and the one perfect one; the seaweed with the little pods you try to pop with your fingers or toes, but never can; finding a cool piece of driftwood; the awesome sunrises and sunsets; the feeling of being alive that I only get being on a balmy, ocean beach.
Dawg – I had him with me for 11 years.  He was called Dawg as a reminder of what he was.  He didn’t know he was a dog.  Sometimes, I may have even forgotten.  Much of the time he was my only companion.  I salted his fur with a million tears through the years.  He loved me unconditionally and was always happy to be with me.  He was soft, warm, and cuddly.  He’d look at me and I swear he knew what I was thinking or feeling.  He loved the beach too.  He’s been gone a little over a year now and I miss him terribly.

Chess – Everybody says they play, but no one ever does, not with me anyway.  I don’t mean electronic chess either!  I love to compete against a real live opponent.  The body language, the facial expressions, the eye contact, the false starts, all the things you can’t see on a computer are what I enjoy most.  I love the many beautiful and wondrous boards and playing pieces.  There is something sensual about the feel of a chess piece in your hand as you toy with it before making your next move.  I miss having someone to play chess with. 

Him – I hate to admit it, but I miss him.  I’m sincere in saying it’s not the sex.  I am surprised, since I’ve been in a state of perpetual arousal for months now.  Still, at this moment, it is the honest truth that is the last thing on my mind.  I miss his laugh and smile.  I miss that dark, brooding look he gets when he’s deep in contemplation.  I miss his conversation and intelligence.  I miss the goofy faces he makes when he’s telling a story.  I miss his energy and his aura.  I miss the way he inspires me and makes me really think about things.  Damn it, I miss his company.