Why you?  I want you out of my life!  I want you out of my head!  I want you out of my heart!  I don’t want every man I’m with from now on to make me think of you.  I don’t want to feel your hands when they touch me, your lips when they kiss me.  I don’t want to see your face every time I close my eyes.  I wish I had never met you! 
Why you?  I’ve been with more handsome men, but never one I was so attracted to.  I’ve been with richer men, but never one that enriched me like you have.  I’ve been with smarter men, but never one that has caused me to think as earnestly or intensely.  I’ve been with more caring men, but never one I have cared for as much as I have you. 
Why you?  You most certainly are not perfect.  You are arrogant, isolated, and narcissistic.  Yet, isn’t arrogance conviction misperceived by those with fear issues; isolation the best way of protecting one’s self from being hurt; and narcissism healthy self-confidence and lack of complacency.  How is it I still hold your faults in esteem?
Why you?  I was doing fine before you came into my life.  I was happy sampling the smorgasbord of love and life.  My audacity permitted me to travel down any road unafraid. My detachment shielded me from heartbreak.  My vanity feasted on the adoration of the men around me.  I wasn’t looking for or interested in finding you.  
Why you?  I knew you were going to be trouble from the very start.  I have tried to stop myself every step of the way from having these feelings for you.  I have tried to erase you from my heart and soul everyday since I met you.  I have pursued anyone that seemed they might be able to eclipse you in anyway no matter how short a time.   
Why you?  You disparage my attempts to find solace with others, scoff at my efforts to fill my time, and belittle me for not being the type of person I could be with you.  Nevertheless I crave your approval, if not your affection.  I’ve tried to convince myself your opinion of me isn’t relevant, unimportant.  Still it means far too much to me. 
Why you?  I love you.  I hate you.  I miss you.  I never want to see you again.  I alternately curse you and long for you.  I wish to find someone that will obscure you.  I covet one who might make you insignificant.  I hope each day that it will be the first I have no thought of you.  I wonder if I am still in your heart and you think, why her?